"Agriculture is the only means of maintaining the external independence of a state.   
With all the wealth in the world, if you lack food you will be dependent on others.   
Commerce produces wealth, but agriculture ensures freedom". Jean-Jacques Rousseau   

Основное производствоAbout the company

  • JSC “Gatchinsky Feed Mill” is one of the largest producers of compound feed in Russia.

  • More than 400 people work at our factory.

  • 2 500 recipes are being calculated annually by our specialists.

  • 330 000 tones of compound feed were produced and sold in 2011.

  • More than 30 thousand tones of compound feed are being produced monthly.

  • Monthly more than 2500 tones of product are being bought by private people directly from the territory of our factory.

  • More than 70 farms of Russian North-West region are loyal customers of Gatchinsky Feed Mill.


  • Production and realization of compound feed for agricultural animals and poultry, compound feed for sports horses.

  • Production of dry feeds for cats and dogs - brands "Stout", «NM» (http:// www.stout-pride.com/, http:// www.nm-pride.com/), and also release of pet food under private labels of distributors;

  • Production of extruded Feed for industrial fish-breeding;
  • Creation of the enterprise for industrial cultivation of commodity fish on lake Kopansky (Kingiseppsky district, Leningrad region);

  • Conducting own agricultural activity (an integrated poultry farm "Udarnik", v.Pobeda, Vyborg area, Leningrad region).

  • Since 2010 JSC «GATCHINSKY FEED MILL» represents itself as the builder of a housing estate «Orlova Roscha» in Gatchina (http://www.orlova-roscha.ru/) and "Rechnoy" (eng. "riverside") in Gatchina district.




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