Gatchinsky Feed Mill uses the innovative approach to the various processes flowing at the factory. Innovations at the factory concern not only a technical re-equipment, but also the development of feed formulation, cooperation with clients, management, quality control, etc.

Species, breeds and animal age are considered. GFM produces compound feed with scientific support and consulting. The factory holds up the long-term plan of complex modernization.

Gatchinsky Feed Mill has developed the long-term plan of complex modernization of production cycleand, which is being realized now.

According to modernization following activities are planned:

  • Installation and start up of the third production line,

  • Installation of additional silos for compound feed and raw materials,

  • Modernization of the transport way,

  • Complex replacement of the used equipment,

  • Creation of the reserve of the electric power,

  • Purchase and mastering of the new labware and extension of accreditation area for carrying out the most volume of tests to control the raw materials and compound feed quality.





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