JSС "Gatchinsky Feed Mill" offers compound feed for all kinds of farm animals, equine and poultry. Requests for compound feed manufacturing on an individual feed formulation (batches from 1,5 metric tons) are accepted.

Compound feed for poultry.

At Gatchinsky Feed Mill compound feed is produced for layers, broilers, turkey, geese, ducks, quails, ostriches etc.
Compound feed for layers and broilers is presented by following principal views:
  • for chickens from 1 till 7 weeks;

  • for pullets from 8 up to 14 weeks;

  • for layers till 45 weeks;

  • for layers from 45 weeks;

  • for broilers, starter, grower and finisher;

  • for meat layer.

Compound feed for live stok

At Gatchinsky Feed Mill it is possible to get compound feed for:

  • Calves and heifers;

  • Dairy cows;

  • Dry cows;

  • Beef cattle;

  • Fattening cattle.

Compound feed for swine:

  • Piglets: prestarter, starter;

  • Fattening pigs: grower, finisher;

  • Sow gestation;

  • Sow lactation;

  • Boar.

Other kinds of compound feed:

  • For horses and pony;

  • For rabbits;

  • For sheep, rams;

  • For goats;

  • For turkey;

  • For quails;

  • For ducks;

  • For geese;

  • For pheasants;

  • For ostriches and other.





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