Plant for production of fish feed

In 2006-2007 there were starting-up and adjustment works in a new workshop for production of fish feed in the territory of Gatchinsky feed mill. A technological line with a productivity rate of 2500 tons per month is equipped by high-technology facilities of “Andritz-Sprout” company (Denmark). A series of interesting technological solutions allowing producing the highest quality dry food was elaborated already at the plant’s designing, since the strategic purpose of the enterprise is orientation at the premium-class product. So the facility for fresh meat insertion to the dry food appeared, the vacuum coater of liquid and powder additives was mounted. This coater allows covering evenly the pellets of the extruded feed with various liquid and dry components, including vegetable and animal fats. The production is fully automated; the inspection is carried out immediately at the factory itself, and also at the analogous control point in Denmark at the company «Andritz-Sprout». In the case of the smallest malfunction of the production techniques the equipment automatically stops, that allows reducing to a minimum the risks concerned with the human factor.

At the enterprise the quality control system according to the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP system are implemented and certified..

Producing of fish feed and petfood is a special industrial process where quality and equipment design have an immense influence on comprehensibility and feed conversion.

Technological process of production of extruded dry petfood (for cats and dogs) and fish feed (for trout, sturgeon, etc.) is based on a discrete-batch scheme of batching and mixing to 6 TPH with usage of the primary equipment of “Andritz-Sprout” company (Denmark), and technological and transport equipment of the Russian enterprises –"TECHNEX" machine-building company (Ekaterinburg) and JSC "Sovakrim" (Ivanteevka, Moscow region) as well.

This process consists of:

-         Line of storage and raw materials feeding;

-         Line of feed preparation to extrusion;

-         Extrusion line;

-         Drying of extruded product;

-         Line of covering of liquid and dry components with a vacuum coater;

-         Cooling;

-         Packing line and storage of finished product.

All these processes are managed by the automated systems created by “Andritz-Sprout” company (Denmark), and The Russian “NPF "InSaT-Spb” cpmpany (St.-Petersburg).




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